Customs Information

Kazakhstan - All


  • Copy of passport
  • Detailed inventory, including number of items in each carton and gross weight of each box
  • Customs Broker agreement
  • Original bill of lading (OBL) / air waybill (AWB)
  • Employment confirmation on employer letterhead
  • Copy of Kazakh visa (non - citizens)
  • Valid Diplomatic Card Copy (diplomat)
  • Notarized Tax Registration (TRN) copy (resident)
  • Notarized ID Card Copy (resident)
Please note that documents required may differ based on port of entry into Kazakhstan. Below are some samples based on Globalink assistance, please reach out and confirm samples and documents can still be used before shipping:

Port of Almaty:
Employment Confirmation
Brokerage Agreement
POA for Surface Shipments
POA for Air Shipments

Port of Astana:
POA Brokerage Agreement
Employment Confirmation

Port of Atyrau:
Employment Confirmation
Notarized POA for CAR imports
POA Brokerage Agreement


  • The consignee should be present at the destination and should have a valid visa.
  • The consignee should be employed with a registered company.
  • Temporary importation arrangements (Temporary regime) have been almost fully abolished, although there may be some exceptions. Temporary import of HHG and personal effects in Kazakhstan is duty and taxes free. This is valid for one year and can be renewed every year until the time the expatriate has finished his stay and is ready to re-export the shipment.
  • Permanent import of HHG and personal effects is subject to customs duties and taxes. Additionally, a V.A.T. of 20%-35% of CIF value is charged on the import.
  • Be aware that from July 1, 2010, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have joined in a new ‘customs union’. The immediate effect of this is to significantly increase the costs of imports of HHG shipments whether over land, air or sea into those countries.
  • Taxes and duties are based on 30% of Customs value; with a minimum charge of €4 EURO per gross weight kilogram (previously this was $1.50 USD per gross kg). This applies to all shipment by land, sea and air
  • Customs may inspect any non-diplomatic shipments upon arrival.
  • Do not send insurance or any other documents showing the true value of household goods and personal effects with the shipment to avoid the payment of heavy import duties.
  • All in-bound non-diplomatic shipments are subject to the payment of customs duties and taxes calculated based on the cost, insurance, and freight value of the shipment.
  • Only shipments between Russia, Belorussia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and Kazakhstan are duty free.
  • All in-bound shipments are subject to issuance of a declaration per shipment; the cost of the Customs declaration(s) will be determined during the Customs clearance process.
  • Customs clearance takes between 5 - 7 working days after permission from the National Security Committee (for electronic appliances if any in the shipment) is received.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: All documents should be in RUSSIAN and from the company / Notary registered in Kazakhstan as our local customs procedures are beyond control and we have to follow through their rules and instructions.


  • The allowance limit for duty free import of wine and spirits for personal consumption is two liters per person. All excess is subject to the following:
  • Excise duty of $1.00 / liter
  • Customs duty of up to 30% of value
  • V.A.T. of 20% of value
  • Customs procedures duty of .2% of value


  • Vehicles must conform to EU 5 standards.
  • Right-hand vehicles cannot be imported.
  • Pro-forma invoice must include chassis, engine number, production year, model, color, and reasonable Customs value.
  • Vehicles are Customs cleared separately from the household goods and personal effects shipment.
  • Diplomatic vehicles must be registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.
  • Vehicles are charged customs duties, value added tax (VAT), fees, and some vehicles may be charged an excise tax.
  • Some vehicles may be imported on a temporary import basis subject to customs fees of approximately 0.2% of the cost, insurance, and freight value (CIF); check with agent for specific information.

Documents Required:

  • Copy of technical passport / certificate of title
  • Pro-forma invoice with vehicle details
  • Original bill of lading / air waybill
  • Original Customs declaration
  • Commitment letter (for temporary importation up to 12 months)
  • POA on employer letterhead or notarized (non - citizens)
  • Notarized POA (returning citizens)


Specific Information:

  • Cats, dogs, and birds must be accompanied by a veterinary health certificate.
  • The veterinary health certificate must be issued by the local Board of Health within 10 days of arrival
  • If more than 2 pets of the same species are being imported under one owner name, an import permit must be obtained via KIazakhstani local veterinary authority center. This will take approximately 7 working days.
  • Health certificate must state all transit city names
  • If the owner travelling to Kazakhstan will stay in a transit Kazakhstan city for more than 1 day, they should visit local veterinary authority center to obtain permission to travel further to final destination by air.

Documents Required:

  • International Pet passport
  • Copy of owner of the goods’ passport
  • Copy of owner of the goods’ visa
  • Certificate of vaccination
  • Rabies vaccine must given 30 days prior to pet's arrival
  • Veterinary health certificate
  • Pro-forma invoice with Customs value
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Veterinary Certificate


  • Mark very clearly on the waybills, "USED HOUSEHOLD GOODS AND PERSONAL EFFECTS."
  • Packing list should be in English or Russian.
  • Items such as books, CD’s, and audio or videotapes should not be mentioned on the packing list. If it is necessary to include these items, make sure to list the author, year of publication, and the topic of each item separately.
  • A separate list describing the values of high tech equipment, works of art, antique carpet, silver, and musical instruments should be included to avoid any problems when re-exporting at a later date.


  • The following items may qualify for free import within the limits indicated: 
    • Perfume (a reasonable quantity


  • Any new items
  • Cash
  • Food items (including dry, canned food, spices).
  • Jewelry, precious stones, other high value items, sets & collections
  • Beverages, alcohol beverages.
  • Weapons, ammunition
  • Medicine (including regular house medical kit, should be taken as accompanied baggage)
  • Toxic / Radioactive materials
  • Flammables
  • Pornography
  • Religion information or items
  • Antiques without export permissions
  • Rare animals & birds species, skins, horns
  • Stuffed animals & birds
  • Books published earlier than 1961
  • Tires
  • First aid kit
  • Satellite antenna
  • Plant
  • Soil
  • Any equipment containing Freon
  • Vibro massager
  • Hydro massager
  • Massager
  • Lenses
  • Inhaler
  • Pulsimeter
  • All medical appliances (for ex. Thermometer)
  • Mobile phones, Laptops, camera, hard discs, etc (can be packed in small quantities)
  • Furs