Customs Information

Egypt - Diplomat


  • Sea Way Bill or original Bill of Lading and Air Way Bill with proper name of consignee (as written on passport) c/o Egyptian employer / authority name and address
  • Egyptian Diplomatic ID for full/1st degree Diplomats. It takes them two weeks to issue.
  • Form 4DE
  • Authorization letters (SAMPLE in Arabic) to handle the shipment by Diplomat’s Embassy – to be issued in Egypt
  • Clearing Letter issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Egypt - This form is issued from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Detailed inventory, valued, dated, and signed in English
  • Packing list
  • Letter of guarantee
  • Keys for automobile


  • Wood packaging must be treated and stamped as per ISPM15 standards.
  • Used household goods and personal effects can be imported duty free for full/1st degree Diplomats
  • Consignee must be present in the country upon customs clearance. Attendance in person during customs inspection is not required.
  • Diplomatic organizations and some international organizations must apply for duty and tax exemptions on personal effects (approximately 7 to 21 working days).
  • Diplomats may be exempted from Customs duties and inspection provided they apply for and are granted form 4DE (protocol).
  • Clearing time: 2-3 days (if OBL and local customs paperwork available).
  • Advanced Cargo Identification Declaration (ACID) number - agent in country will provide


  • Motor vehicles can be imported duty-free for full Diplomat. Vehicle must be brand new.
  • Only diplomats may import cars older than 12 months of age.
  • Clearing time 6-7 days (if all OBL + customs paperwork available).
  • Clearing of vehicles takes longer than household goods
  • Highly recommended not to ship car together with household goods in one container.


Animals and pets can be imported into Egypt by providing:

  • Legalized health condition certificate. (legalization must be by Egyptian embassy at origin country)
  • Vaccination certificate from a registered veterinarian
  • Original passport of pet
  • Original passport of owner and work residence visa
  • Authorization letter, locally issued in Egypt - if the pet is traveling and accompanied by the owner, no letter is needed.


  • None if consignee is full diplomat.
  • If consignee is Simi-Diplomat of 2nd degree, consumable items (such as toiletries, food stuff, detergents, cosmetics, and tissues, etc) will be dutiable 40% of value.


  • Video tapes, computer disks, cassette tapes, CD's, DVD's, Records, and slides are subject to censorship authority approval and are subject to confiscation in the event that they fall into the category of prohibited items listed below
  • Printers, scanners, fax machines, copiers, and satellite receivers are subject to censorship by the Ministry of Interior.  They are subject to approval or refusal. The brand and model number of any such items must be included on the packing inventory.  Inclusion of the owner manual for any such item will assist in clearance from the Ministry
  • Office jets/work stations are subject to approval or refusal.
  • High value works of art, including statues and paintings will be examined by a special committee for evaluation purposes.  This evaluation is time consuming and costly and will delay customs clearance process
  • Foods & medicine, to be examined by health authorities.
  • What might be deemed as commercial such as large quantity of item. If included in shipment, higher duties apply and clearing process gets more complicated and costly.


  • Alcoholic beverages of any kind - Contravening this regulation will impose severe penalties and criminal charges on the customer and its employer. This infringement will also have serious consequences for our branch and the freight forwarder.
  • All telephones (mobile, wireless, normal home phones)
  • Pornographic Materials
  • Drugs
  • Perishable foods
  • Firearms and weapons, ammunition, daggers and swords (even as decorative items)
  • Anti-Islamic religious materials
  • Gold and silver jewelry & ornaments (tableware permitted)
  • Bank notes & coins
  • Seeds
  • Any kind of drones, airplanes with remote control with / without video cameras (even for kids)
  • Motor Cycles of two stroke engine
  • Microscope, telescopes & binoculars (even for kids)
  • Any kinds of Maps or Globes (even for kids)
  • Used medical equipment or machines
  • Army clothes
  • High quantity of Cosmetics , medicines , shampoo , cream