Customs Information

Rwanda - All


  • Passport profile copy
  • Long term visa copy
  • Work permit copy
  • “A qui de droit” from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINAFFET)
  • T.I.N.Taxpayer Identification number from Rwanda Revenue Authority Sample
  • One passport-size photo
  • NGO registration certificate from Ministry of Local government
  • Proof of exemption agreement with Rwanda Government
  • Contract copy or assignment letter from Employer


  • All documents, including packing list and ORIGINAL bill of lading, must be provided 3 weeks before arrival of the shipment in order to apply and be granted duty free clearance prior to arrival of the shipment.


  • Left Hand Drive Vehicle authorized in Rwanda only
  • Original purchase invoice if available or valued statement signed
  • Original registration card
  • Recent photograph of owner (for vehicle registration)
  • Client will collect vehicle from Terminal
  • Temporary insurance to be contracted upon Terminal exit with Sonarwa/Soras/Corar
Taxes on vehicles will depend on age, power, etc. The OBL must show chassis number, engine number, cubic capacity, year of manufacture, brand, and model. Proof of ownership must show used vehicle owned by the owner of the goods for a minimum of 12 months. 


  • Firearms and ammunitions (authorization from the territorial administration required)
  • A certificate of free entry must be obtained from the Line Ministry Alcohol and other spirits :
    • Only "Fond de Cave" is acceptable (less than 15 bottles).
  • If the value is higher than $5000, the owner of the goods must apply for an import license and a pre-shipment inspection must be conducted at origin; alcohol should be sent separately from the household goods.
  • Local currency (maximum of 5,000 Rwandese Francs)
  • The following household goods may be imported duty free by persons 16 years and older within the limits indicated:
    • Cigarettes (2 cartons)
    • Alcoholic beverages (2 liters)


  • Illegal drugs 
  • Transmission equipment
  • Live or dead animals and foodstuff from countries where an epidemic has been present and has been included in a health risk by Rwanda authorities (contact nearest embassy for specific information)
  • Pornography
  • Items infringing on copyrights