Customs Information

Mali - All


  • Visa
  • Letter of transfer from shipper’s employer
  • "Attestation reservation de cale"
  • Inventory in French, valued, detailed, and dated and signed by the shipper
  • International Vaccination Certificate
Decree No. 2018-0595 / P-RM of 24 July 2018 amends the regulation concerning customs exemptions of diplomatic missions and their staff. The measure, applicable from 03 October 2018, will result in several administrative changes that require us to reapply for an exemption (the process will take an average of one month). This means that all current Mali-bound shipments will be blocked at Bamako airport and the Port of Dakar until the new documents are modified according to the decree. Any blocking of shipments will result in additional charges at the ports.


  • New cars are dutiable
  • Import license for new cars


  • Health Certificate from veterinarian required


  • Home computers are not accepted as personal effects and are subject to duties and import taxes
  • New electrical items are subject to payment of Customs duties and taxes
  • Invoices of all electrical items and furniture must be more than six months old


  • Alcohol and other spirits are prohibited and should be sent separately
  • Weapons (Certificate required)
  • Drugs
  • Books, films and pictures may be subject to censorship and will be confiscated if found to be contrary to local customs