Customs Information

Canada - Diplomat


The owner of the goods must present a list of items to be imported.

Diplomats can import household goods and personal effects duty and tax free.


  • Passport
  • Letter of employment from the LOCAL Embassy / Consulate.– Original stamped by the local Canadian consulate indicating that the client is working in the consulate. Should be presented with the work permit.  
  • Obligation for Privilege from the Canadian Ministry of External Affairs
  • Diplomats should consult their embassy/consulate to determine what agreement that office has with the Canadian government
  • Packing list with declared values, electronic items should include make, model and serial number


  • Pets are allowed to be imported into Canada with accompanying vet certificates
  • The veterinary health record certificate must identify the animal by breed, age, gender and color.
  • Check with agent for specific information prior to import.


  • No documents are required if the items are part of the household effects shipment.
  • Proof of age will be required if item is over 100 years old.
  • Antiques and works or art imported into Canada for resale, are subject to different regulations.
  • The items are permitted duty-free entry if the following conditions are met: The works of art are part of a bona fide household removal; The works of art are not for sale or other disposal.


  • Wedding "trousseau" means goods acquired for use in the household of a newly married couple, but does not include vehicles, vessels or aircraft; wedding "gifts" means goods of a non-commercial nature received by a person as personal gifts in consideration of that person's recent marriage or the anticipated marriage of that person within three months of the person's return to Canada.
  • Wedding trousseau and gifts may be imported duty and tax free providing: A bride's trousseau / gifts owned by, in the possession of, and imported by a recently married person or a bride-to-be whose anticipated marriage is to take place within 3 months of the date of her return to Canada or has taken place no more than 3 months prior to arrival in Canada.


  • Do not ship wine between October 1 and March 31 to avoid the possibility of freezing.
  • Alcohol (a detailed list including type, size, and quantity is required and an import permit must be obtained prior to importation; duties and taxes apply)
    • Import permit must be obtained from the Provincial Liquor Control Board.
  • Tobacco products are subject to duties and taxes.
  • Foodstuffs can cause extensive delays / additional charges (importation is discouraged)
  • Meat (authorization is required; importation is discouraged)
  • Pornographic materials
  • New items (a bill of sale may be required by Customs)
  • Hunting trophies (restrictions apply, especially for endangered species; a CITES Certificate may be required; check with agent before shipping).
  • Firearms (strict regulations apply; check with agent for details)
  • Any one item valued at $10,000 or over is subject to duties and taxes.


  • Live plants
  • Narcotics, drugs, incitements
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Live ammunition and explosives