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  •  The original change of residence certificate issued by the town hall (residence & departure country) and the consulate of Algeria there.
  • Original of the inventory (in French or Arabic ) bearing the total value of all effects and equipments ,signed by the town hall (departure residence country) and the consulate of Algeria there.
  • Sworn statement certifying that the effects are for personal and non-commercial uses must be signed by the consulate of Algeria or a town hall in Algiers
  • Passport copy
  • Copy conform of the work contract
  • Original work Certificate
  • Copy of the work permit
  • Copy of Algerian residence card or a valid & up-to-date receipt
  • Original of a Power on Attorney on behalf of APM signed by the customer and stamped the town hall in Algiers.
  • Original of 2 mandates signed by the customer and signed by the town hall in Algiers (Two exemplary for the air shipment and Two exemplary for the sea shipment).
  • Four (04) copies of the application for temporary admission (the model will be transmitted to the customer by mail upon arrival of the effects).
    NB:As the client will be under temporary admission in Algeria We will prepare a letter of temporary admission en 04 exemplary (prepared by APM signed by the customer and advised by his Company) and give it to the customs service according to the port of the arrival (wait the agreement it take between 15 to 21 day to have the agreement to finalize the import formalities by next.)


  • The original CCR certificate of change of residence notified & stamped by the Consulate of Algeria to the country of departure.
  • The original inventory bearing the value of the effects notified & stamped by the Consulate of Algeria to the country of departure.
  • Original of the certificate on the honor that the effects are for personal and non-commercial use advised of the Consulate of Algeria
  • copy of Algerian passport.
  • Copy consular card advised by the consulate.
  • Original of the Certificate of Cancellation notified & stamped by the Consulate of Algeria.
  • Original of a Power of Attorney on behalf of APM legalized by the Town Hall in Algeria
  • Original of two mandates signed by the person concerned and endorsed by a town hall in Algeria. (The model will be transmitted to the customer by mail) Note: - All of the administrative documents must be received Minimum two days before the arrival of the effects in Algiers. - Algerian Citizens must attend the Registration at the customs office only if the arrival of


  • All shipments inspected - The customer must be present during the customs visit with our freight forwarder (it will be informed maximum one day before the date of the customs inspection)
  • Household has to be completed (at least one lied and kitchenware)
  • A radiation certificate from the consular services abroad must also be provided.
  • Duty and tax exemption are only granted if valued inventory is less than 20,000 Euro.
  • One shipment only is authorized duty free (1 by sea and 1 by air, maximum). There is not a very clear law in Algeria for importation of personnel effects. Destination agent may be able to clear the one shipment for transferee  if there is a three-year interval for the transferee between removals for citizen. However, restrictions does require that a citizen has the right to a single move in his life.
  • Duty-free importation is only granted for a certain period; an extension must be applied to avoid penalties.
  • Imported household goods must be re-exported when leaving the country (non-Algerians).
  • Change of residence certificate must prove time abroad of at least 3 years and must be stamped by the Algerian Consulate at origin (returning citizens).
  • A diplomatic franchise can be obtained by the diplomatic organization in Algiers (diplomats). 


Documents Required:

  • Original Change of Residence Certificate (stamped by Customs)
  • Copy of diplomatic card (diplomats)
  • Original registration card and non-sale certificate
  • Copy of the certificate of conformity
  • The Original Gray Card
  • Valued inventory of the vehicle
  • Original value declaration for the vehicle signed and stamped (diplomats) (on diplomatic organization letterhead)
  • Letter of employment from diplomatic organization (diplomats)
Specific Information:
  • Maximum allowable engine power is 10HP.
  • Restrictions apply regarding importation of vehicles (age, power, etc.); contact agent for details.


  • New furniture (less than six months old) and office furniture
  • Only one of each appliance duty-free
  • Liquor (Just the diplomat is freed with a certain limit of liter for alcohol)
  • Appliances and electronics (one item each permitted duty free); invoices and receipts stating make, model and serial numbers are required on the detailed Inventory.


  • Live plants
  • Pornographic materials
  • Alcohol and tobacco products (Just the diplomat is freed with a certain limit of liter for alcohol)
  • Precious Metals
  • Currency and jewelry
  • Political materials
  • Pets and animals (authorization prior to import is required)
  • Telescopes
  • Toys imitating handguns and other
  • Explosive substances (firecrackers and other pyrotechnic articles)
  • Drugs, narcotics and poisonous substances,
  • Used and retreaded tires
  • Used vehicles with the exception of vehicles imported by non-residents under the temporary admission regime (Art. 40 of the Finance Act for 2010),
  • Weapons and ammunition (including shotgun)
  • Used spare parts for commercial purposes,
  • Books and all manuscripts, films and other articles detrimental to morals and morals,
  • The other items must not exceed certain limit example : not two Televisions,…
  • The food must be very small quantities, do not have many new items (preferably repacked by the mover to Origin).