Customs Information

Italy - Diplomat


  • Members of the Italian diplomatic and consular corps, as well as civil servants and service personnel returning to Italy on completion of the mission abroad, are exempt of all formalities other than presentation of a certificate from the administration to which they belong (Foreign Ministry, National Defense Ministry, etc.)
  • Foreign diplomats and personnel coming to Italy to join an official international organization will obtain the "Diplomatic Franchise" through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome. This procedure takes from 4-6 weeks. Therefore, pre-movement is advisable in order to avoid delays
  • Photocopy of passport 2 first pages
  • Photocopy of Italian fiscal code


  • If documents are not supplied V.A.T is approximately 25% of declared value
  • If documents are not supplied special procedure of temporary clearance can be arranged, by paying deposit (of approximately 25% of declared value) to the customs that will be returned on presentation of completed documentation
  • If all documents are in order and available prior to arrival of the shipment, customer may not have to be present at time of customs clearance


  • Certificate from the administration to which they belong (as per house hold goods)
  • Photocopy of passport 2 first pages
  • Photocopy of Italian fiscal code
  • Original title in order to import the car duty-free. The importer must be the owner of the title for at least 6 months
  • European rules have to be applied
  • Diplomats should arrive in Italy at least 40 days prior to vehicle import to obtain the necessary documents for duty-free Customs clearance.


  • Italian customs require a clear and valid title with a legible name, VIN number and make and model of the motorcycle
  • When there is a bank lien statement in lieu of a title, the statement must be legible and clearly state the name of the owner of the motorcycle, which must be the same as the name listed on the OBL/GBL, along with a clear VIN number, make and model of the motorcycle
  • In both instances, a clear and valid registration (not expired) is also required to accompany either the title or bank lien document
  • In the absence of a title or bank lien, the customs broker will attempt to use only a clear and valid registration as an alternative document, this should only be in rare and justified situations and will be subject to the ultimate decision of the Customs officer who handles that particular case


  • Italian returning pets need their own passport. 
  • Original international vaccination booklet.
  • Rabies vaccination certificate, vaccination must be older than 1 month but not older than 1 year.
  • Health certificate issued by the competent authorities with a validity of three days (the pet has to be imported within those 3 days).
  • Translated health certificate in Italian. 
  • Due to varying regulations depending on origin state (for example for some states blood samples are required), please contact destination agent before shipping. 


  • All consumable goods (including alcohol)
  • New furniture, new household good items, wedding trousseaux, souvenirs and precious metal objects are subject to duty
  • Antiques, pictures, works of art, carpets etc. require Fine Arts inspection and special Import Permit from the Fine Arts authorities at extra cost, payable by Customer.
  • Plants and vegetable products require  a phytosanitary certificate.


  • Tobacco (in any form)
  • Spirits and wine
  • Food items  
  • Cigarettes and cigars
  • Animal skins
  • Non-prescribed medicines and drugs
  • Cordless electronics, including walkie-talkies