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In order to import household goods and personal effects into Georgia it is important that all customs and shipping documents are completed carefully in order to avoid delays and storage charges. The following represents the regulations relating to the import of household goods and personal effects into Georgia:

  • The consignee should be present at the destination point and must have a valid Georgian visa. If consignee is a foreign citizen without diplomatic status then he should have Georgian visa
  • The consignee should be employed by a registered company in Georgia
  • Household goods and personal effects are considered commercial cargo in Georgia and are subject to payment of import customs fee (60 EURO) and Customs Duty: VAT (18/% of the customs declared value). Georgian citizens are exempted from payment of the Import Fee and VAT if they have been out of Georgia for longer than 6 months and the value of their shipment does not exceed 15,000 GEL. In such cases the customer must obtain an exemption letter from the Ministry of Finance in Georgia by submitting copies of the packing list with the cargo value, passport copies (with immigrating stamp of arrival/departure in Georgia) & Georgian ID. The Exemption letter will be issued by the Revenue Department to the customer direct.
  • Some companies (usually Humanitarian Organizations and all Embassies) are exemp from customs duties on household goods and personal effects.
  • All import duties are charged on C.I.F. (cost, insurance and freight) value. The cost of each declaration is US$150.00/ per main page and US$ 50.00/- per additional pages. The cost of declarations are subject to change with no prior notification from the customs authorities
  • When importing carpets, paintings, artwork, antiques, and items of historical value, it is strongly recommended that a set of original photographs of each item accompany the shipping documentation. Duplicate photographs of each item should be sent to the destination agent in advance by courier to enable endorsement by customs on the back of each photograph at the time of customs inspection of the shipment. This will help the owner avoid problems with customs authorities at the time of re-export. The photograph must have dimensions and value of the item shown on the back side of each photo


  • As per Georgian Customs regulations used household goods and personal effects cannot be temporary imported into Georgia as they are subject to worn-out, damaged, torn etc. and they cannot be identified (should have serial/model #). Only vehicles can be imported on temporary basis.
  • For Temporary import consignee’s organization has to deposit VAT (18% of CIF) and present Bank Guarantee Letter. This payment is refundable and will be returned once goods are re-exported. Customs fees (60 EURO) paid is non-refundable.
  • Consignee’s organization has to obtain Permission for Temporary Import from Customs Department. It might take up two weeks. All documents must be forwarded to the destination agent in advance, prior to shipment’s arrival.


Goods must be cleared within 20 days of their arrival in Georgia to avoid heavy penalties and if a shipment is alerted as “red” in the customs authorities system Customs will check all documents again and physically inspect all items. In the event of any discrepancy heavy fines will be levied. The following documents are required to import household goods and personal effects:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Diplomatic Service Card
  • Copy of valid Georgian Visa
  • Power of Attorney
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Transportation cost confirmation
  • Import letter (from accredited organizations) (diplomats)
  • Waybill – clearly marked “Used Household goods and personal effects”
  • Detailed Packing List – in English or Russian with description of each and item, the number of pieces, weight, item value and total value together with the transportation value. If this is not completed it will be calculated upon arrival.


  • In order to import a vehicle into Georgia all technical documents must be forwarded to our office in advance of the vehicle arriving into Georgia. These documents must clearly show the following details:
    • Make & Model of vehicle
    • Year of manufacture and Engine Volume
    • Color
    • Chassis & Engine numbers
    • Origin of vehicle (Technical Passport/ Certificate of Title)

The following documents are also required for motor vehicles and motorcycles

  • Waybill
  • Copy of technical passport (or Certificate of Title of vehicle)
  • Invoice (Purchase Order)
  • Complete vehicle technical documentation
  • Original Notarized Power of Attorney (translated into Georgian) from the customer/their organization stating that they allow the temporary import (one year is maximum period) of the vehicle and that it will only be driven within the city limits in Georgia


Importation of pets is allowed. The following documents are required for at least 10 working day prior to pet’s arrival:

  • Pet passport with photos 
  • Certificate of vaccination
  • Veterinary health certificate
  • Letter of employment / letter from organization
  • Power of attorney, notarized (non-diplomats)
  • Import letter (from accredited organizations) (diplomats) -- May not be required based on type of pet being imported. Please check with destination.


The following items are either dutiable or restricted from import into Georgia:

  •  Cigarettes (200)
  • Wine (3 L) and beer (10 L)
  • Medications (doctor’s statement required)
  • Art or cultural items (photographs of each item and a letter of permission from the Ministry of Culture required for import)
  • Hunting rifles (a valid Georgian hunting license must be obtained prior to import)
  • Precious jewelry, stones and currency can only be imported as accompanied baggage and must be declared with the Customs Authorities at the airport at the time of arrival. This declaration should be kept in safe custody as it will be required by Customs for re-export


  • Weapons of all kinds (including knives, daggers even if souvenirs)
  • Pornography
  • Narcotics
  • Toxic material
  • Radioactive material
  • Food (cat/dog)
  • Beverages
  • Medicine
  • Sand/Rock
  • Any kind of Plants (roots, even brooms of Plan origin)