Customs Information

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You may import used household goods and personal effects duty free if he or she has diplomatic status or works for a legally registered foreign company or business cooperation.

The shipper must be in Myanmar at the time of clearance.

All foreigners, with the exception of diplomats, must pay duty on consumable items.

All goods imported duty free by a foreigner must also be re-exported upon eventual departure from Myanmar.

All non-diplomatic shipments will be imported on a 1 year temporary basis. After 1 year, if the shipper is still in Myanmar, the shipper’s employer must renew the temporary import for another year with the Myanmar customs office.

After 2 years the status will change to “permanent import”, in which case the shipper will have to pay duty based on the declared value and the packing list.

Myanmar nationals may import used household goods duty free if they are returning their residence to Myanmar after having lived abroad. Only one of each kind of any electrical item (such as a TV, washing machine, refrigerator, generator, and computer).

Only one sea and one air shipment are permitted duty free.


Foreign Citizen

1. OBL

2. Inventory list

3. Passport copy

4. Official letter from shipper’s employer confirming his/her employment status in Myanmar

5. Copy of shipper’s Myanmar work permit.

6. Copy of plane ticket

7. Original airplane boarding pass

  • Citizen

1. Official letter from overseas organization confirmation shipper position with them and period of time that he/she worked for them.

2. Income Tax slips which were issued by Myanmar Embassy.

3. Returning Air Ticket

4. Copy of passport

5. Copy of Airport Entry Stamp page

6. Copy of Myanmar NRC Card / family member card

7. Packing lists, copy of AWB / OBL


Only a foreign diplomat may import a vehicle into Myanmar duty free.

Private individuals are not allowed to import vehicles.


Most pets, including dogs, cats, and birds, can be brought into Myanmar with no quarantine period.

The documents necessary at the time of import are:

• current health certificate (not more than 7 days old) and

• a current vaccination card


Shippers have to pay Customs duty and Tax on brand new electronic Items (LCD Television, Washing M/C, Computer set, Generator, Refrigerator, Dryer, Electric Oven, etc)  

Any antiques imported should be declared to the Ministry of Archeology upon importation, otherwise re-export will be a problem. Photographs would be helpful.

Video tapes and DVD’s may be censored by the Ministry of Information. A fee, or approximately US$ 5.00 per tape or DVD, is levied by the Ministry and will be collected from the shipper.

Alcohol - a maximum of 5 bottles are allowed in personal effects shipments. A Maximum of 50 kgs of dry food may be included in the shipment.


• Firearms

• Ammunition

• Pornographic material

• All communications equipment. This includes satellite dishes, receivers, fax machines, phones, switchboards, walkie-talkies, shortwave radios, etc. Any such items found in a household goods shipment will be confiscated, and the shipper will be fined.