Customs Information

Austria - Diplomat


  • Declaration of the Embassy, which must be attested by the Foreign Office
  • Inventory
  • Zbefr1 Austrian Custom Form for diplomats


  • May import new and used goods which are intended for use in the country.
  • Removal goods can be imported into Austria duty free within 1 year from the change of residence. After customs clearance, the removal goods are blocked for 12 months, i.e. within this period the removal goods may neither be sold nor given away unless the customs duties are subsequently paid. 


  • copy of passport
  • copy of inventory
  • copy of Austrian residence registration sheet 
  • original invoice
  • original car title
  • a proof that client has had the car in his possession and use for at least 6 months (i.e. car insurance policy, etc.)
  • a proof that client has been abroad at least 12 months (in case of returning Austrian citizens)
  • a company authorization letter for employee relocation
  • Additional charges to be paid by customer right at customs clearance: 
  • registration of car (Austrian car title) + plate  (organized by an insurance company)
  • NOVA "Normverbrauchsabgabe" 4 to 16% of declared value of auto
  • Taxes and duties
  • If the above documents and requirements are available, the import of autos to Austria is free of taxes and duties.
  • If any of the above documents is missing or any of the requirements are not fulfilled, there are import customs duties and import turnover taxes to be paid by client (the amount is different from country to country at origin).


  • Domestic animals: free of duty, but veterinary certificate and inoculation certificate needed. 
  • Cats and dogs may be imported without prior authorization; contact agent for information on the import of other animals.


  • Firearms (an official permit is required)
  • Pump guns
  • Spirits, cigarettes, tobacco, perfumes for personal consumption (an import permit is required).
  • Antiques, if over 100 years of age are duty free but subject to value added tax (VAT) in addition to Customs duties and taxes (a certificate of appraisal from an Austrian expert is generally required
  • New furniture, appliances, gifts, souvenirs, and objects of art / antiques are subject to duties and taxes (a certificate of circulation of goods and import permit are required, where applicable).
  • Plants and plant products (a plant protection certificate is required)


  • Drugs
  • Protected species of plants and animals