Customs Information

Slovenia - Diplomat



  • Passport or diplomatic ID copy
  • Inventory
  • Proforma Invoice stating number of items, gross and net weight, value (must be same as Exemption Certificate)
  • Tax and duty Exemption Certificate (issued by Ministry of Finance)


  • AWB
  • Passport or diplomatic ID copy
  • Inventory
  • Statement issued by shipper’s Embassy stating nature, purpose and value of the goods.


  • Tax on motor vehicles (DMV) depends on fuel, CO2 emission and varies between 0,5 to 31% of the value of vehicle. Also add 0-5% on motor type.
  • Tax on motorcycles depends on engine power and varies from 1,5 to 5% of the value of motorcycle.

Documents Required:

  • Owner of the goods’ passport or diplomatic ID
  • Title / registration
  • Original bill of lading
  • Purchase invoice
  • Vehicle documents from country of purchase or export
  • Statement with car details


  • International Health Certificate and Identification document must be presented when entering Slovenia.
  • International CITES certificate allowing exportations form their origin country must accompany import of protected wild animal species, trophies and precuts produced from these animals.
  • Pets must be fitted with an electronic identifying device.

Documents Required:

  • Vaccination record
  • Veterinary / international health certificate
  • Microchip (or tattoo)
  • International CITES certificate


  • A purchase invoice is required for new items which are subject to Customs duties and value added tax (VAT) of approximately 20%.
  • An import permit and gun & hunting license are required for arms and ammunition; these items must be declared separately and a special inspection is required.
    • All arms, guns, and ammunition must be listed on an inventory and declared to the border police.
    • Only arms for which the owner of the goods possesses a valid license can be imported.
  • An inventory of beverages with description must be included and duties / taxes are applicable.
  • Alcohol / tobacco / food items cannot be imported as part of the household goods shipment.
  • Phytosanitary certificate is required when importing or exporting plants.
    • Phytosanitary inspection will be done before Customs clearance. 


  • Narcotics – Import and export of narcotics is prohibited. Medical certificate proving the right of use must be presented.