Customs Information

Peru - Diplomat


Household goods and personal effects may be imported into Peru duty free by foreign and Peruvian diplomats and embassy officers (including foreign armed forces serving at an official mission, and foreign representatives of International Organizations.

  • Diplomatic shipments are exempt from a physical inspection by Customs.
    • Peruvian diplomat does not have this exemption.
  • The shipment must arrive in Peru no earlier than 1 month before the owner of the goods’ first entry into Peru and no later than 4 months after the owner of the goods’ last entry into Peru
  • The Tax Exemption Resolution is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it is responsibility of the functionary to request it. The process takes approx. one month. (Peruvian Diplomats Only)
  • The Free Entry Permit is issued by every embassy in Peru. It is responsibility of every functionary to give it to our agent in Peru for clearance before the shipment arrives. 


The following documents are required for customs clearance:

  • 3 original copies of the Ocean Bill of Lading or Air Waybill
  • Owners original passport
  • Detailed inventory/packing list (this should not include any items packed by owner - PBO)
  • Diplomatic import permit / diplomatic franchise from Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Ministry Affairs (foreign diplomats, returning diplomats) 
  • Original Free Entry Permit issued by Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (excluding Peruvian Diplomats).
  • Migratory Movement (Peruvian Diplomats only).
  • Tax Exemption Resolution (Peruvian Diplomats only). 
  • Power of attorney legalized or fed up by the embassy. It must be specific to the charge and name of the diplomat who signs the letter (sample model obtained by clearing agent). 


Motor vehicles belonging to Diplomats may be imported into Peru duty free and will require a Duty Free Entry Permit issued by the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • A vehicle cannot be imported if it has driven more than 32,000 km.
  • Only used vehicles and motorcycles less than 2 years old can be imported.
    • For Peruvian diplomatic this restriction does not apply.
  • Returning Peruvian diplomats after having completed their missions abroad have right to import only one (1) car duty free. 
  • Vehicles (all with not exemption) will be subject to physical inspection by Customs Authorities. If loaded with household goods, the full shipment will go under physical inspection. 
  • A diplomatic franchise may be granted to the following persons:
    • Foreign representatives of international organizations.
    • Members of foreign armed forces working on official missions.
    • Diplomats, Embassy officers, and returning diplomats who have completed a diplomatic organization abroad.

Documents Required:

  • Passport (Legalized photocopy of the passport)
  • Sworn ownership of value
  • OBL / AWB (3 copies each document, if applicable)
  • Original purchase invoice
  • Certificate of title
  • Inspection certificates (gas and technical verification by an authorized engineer)
  • DUA signed by the owner of the goods
  • Tax ID number (RUC) 
  • Diplomatic import permit / diplomatic franchise from Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Ministry Affairs (foreign diplomats, returning diplomats)


Pets may be imported into Peru and should arrive as unaccompanied baggage to avoid customs taxes. Under these circumstances the following documents are required:

  • Vaccination and Rabies Certificate
  • Zoo Sanitary Certificate 


The following items are restricted from import into Peru and are either subject to customs duties or licensing requirements. Please do not import these items without obtaining the proper licenses and understanding the related costs:

  • Firearms and ammunitions (proof of ownership and special permission from the Ministry of Interior is required prior to shipment arrival)
  • Food items (must not exceed 10% of total net weight in air shipments)
  • Telecommunication equipment such as radios, fax machines, telephones, etc. (an original invoice of each item is required and only one of each item type is permitted; additional items require authorization)
  • Refrigeration devices (refrigerators / freezers / air conditioners):
    • An original manufacturer’s certificate must be issued and signed on the manufacturer’s letterhead stating that coolant is required for use.
    • The technical specification manual for each item is required; if unavailable, photographs of the 4 sides of the appliance must be submitted, specifically, the label that displays the specifications and type of gas utilized.
    • Import permission must be requested from the  OTO-Peru office.
      • The cost for this request is 75.00 USD.
  • Approved permission must be provided prior to shipment arrival.
  • Items are subject to confiscation if requirements are not met.


The following items are strictly prohibited from import into Peru and must not be included in any shipment:

  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Pornographic materials
  • Automatic firearms
  • Explosives 
  • Pisco (Peruvian Beverage)