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Thailand - Diplomat


Updated COVID-19 Information:

Diplomats are able to import household goods duty free on the following conditions:

  • Only 1 shipment by sea and 1 shipment by air are permissible under duty-free privilege for each DP 1 form approval.
  • Household Goods & Personal Effects shipments must be cleared in Bangkok and transported to final destination. 
  • Any costs incurred as a result of delays in obtaining DP 1 form will be for account of the Embassy.


Diplomats are able to import used household goods duty free with the following documents required:

  • Copy of passport 
  • Original Ocean Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Packing list/Inventory
  • Embassy DP 1 Form (Approval from Thailand Foreign Ministry for diplomatic privilege and duty free import)

Customs clearance cannot take place without Form DP1 approval requiring 7-14 working days. Provided all documents are complete, customs clearance takes approx. 3-5 working days but failure to provide the documents can cause customs clearance delays and result in higher import fees to the owner of the goods. 


Diplomats can import any car or motorcycle with an approved Form DP 1, however the vehicle cannot be sold in Thailand without incurring duties and taxes.


It is recommended that pets be brought into Thailand as "excess baggage" and not as freight via the airport cargo section.  The following information is required for processing import permits at least three days prior to arrival:

  • Description of animal including name, age, sex, color, breed, color, height and weight.
  • Copy of photo page of owner's passport.
  • Copy of rabies vaccination
  • A letter from the vet to state that pet has been examined no more than 10 days prior to export and is fit to travel. The letter must be signed and dated on vets headed paper. Health certificates from licensed vet at origin
  • Flight arrival details

There is no quarantine required for Thailand and pets are taken through customs as one would normally do when carrying your baggage after a flight.  Customs may request import permit. There are no documented duty amounts although a nominal clearance fee per pet will usually be negotiated. Pets traveling under "excess baggage status" have no time restrictions regarding their travel. 

If a pet’s clears customs at cargo terminal, the process can take many hours and the client must present import permit to customs and duty will be assessed. While there are no documented duty amounts the fee will be approximately 30% of freight cost. Duty will also be dependent upon the size of the animal. Duties from US$150 to US$1,000 are not uncommon. 


  • Medications, vitamins, supplements, and cosmetics
  • Facial products, hair products, and soaps (1-2 pieces)


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