Customs Information

Indonesia - Diplomat


Full Diplomat

  • Copy ID card (diplomat)
  • Copy visa (diplomat)
  • Diplomat passport
  • Original letter of approval from the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – PP8 (This is obtained by the Embassy in Indonesia from the Indonesia Foreign Affairs Department. Copy of BL/AWB and Packing list are required. Click SAMPLE)
  • Written statement from local Embassy in Indonesia confirming customer will only be working for the Embassy and will have no other assignments
  • Authorization letter from local Embassy in Indonesia (SAMPLE)
  • Copy of shipping documents legalized by the Embassy


  • Original PP-19 / Authorization letter from Indonesian Dept of State Secretary
  • Copy of passport
  • Statement Letter from organization in Indonesia confirming that Shipper will ONLY be working for organization and will not have any other assignments.
  • Authorization letter from the organization in Indonesia
  • Original of Shipping Documents (Bill of Lading and Inventory List) legalized by the organization

Semi-diplomatic organizations are still under PP-19 and some are not.

These documents must be accurate and complete – customers will incur significant warehouse and port storage charges if all documents are not provided.


Full Diplomat

  • Customer must be in country during customs clearance
  • Air and Sea Shipment must arrive within six (6) months after the Diplomat's first arrival date in Indonesia.
  • The average time to obtain PP-8 from the Indonesia's Foreign Affairs Dept. can range from four (4) to six (6) weeks after arrival of the shipper into Indonesia.


  • Customer must be in country during customs clearance
  • Shipment will be completely inspected by authorities
  • The household goods and personal effects must have been owned by shipper and used for at least one full year and for shipper’s continued use in Indonesia (not for sale)
  • Only one air and one sea shipment of household goods allowed duty-free
  • Shipment must arrive within six (6) months after client's date of arrival in Indonesia, per immigration Admission stamp on Passport.


Full Diplomat

  • Original copy of PP-8 is required from the Embassy to import a motor vehicle
  • Import of a motorcycle is prohibited


  • Import of a car, motorcycle or any vehicle parts or spare parts are strictly prohibited


  • Import of pets is subject to duties and taxes and must be for personal ownership (not for re-sale).
  • Pets will be quarantined for approximately 14 days, upon clearance at the airport.
  • Only several origin countries are allowed to import pets into Indonesia

The following documents are required:

  • Copy of owners passport
  • Letter of recommendation from Dept. of Veterinary Science in the origin country
  • Copy of Health Certificate, Vaccination Book (Rabies Vaccination required, must be administered at least one (1) month prior to pet’s departure date from origin country and valid for one (1) year).
  • Written description of pet (name, breed, sex, age, color)
  • Local Import License obtained from Indonesian Agricultural Dept (need one week to process).

Failure to adhere to the strict regulations concerning dutiable or restricted items will greatly delay clearance and increase charges considerably.


Full Diplomats

  • There are no restrictions or duties for Full Diplomats


  • Only one of each major appliance is allowed duty-free with the exception of air conditioners
  • New articles and items not listed on inventory
  • Only 10 CDs / DVDs are allowed for air shipment
  • Material in Chinese (pictures, tapes, etc.) will require proper permits and is subject to censorship and
  • Medicines (prescription required)
  • Antiques (may have problems re-exporting)
  • Video tapes, CD's, DVD's, laser discs and books are subject to censorship.
  • Large quantities of any type of product will slow clearance and result in high duty


Full Diplomats

  • Alcoholic beverages (can only be imported by the Embassy in Jakarta - cannot be under personal)


  • Explosives, weapons, firearms, air gun, air rifles, toy gun and ammunition (plastic, rubber, pellets)
  • Any kind of toys related to hobby/leisure such as remote control airplane, car, etc which has engine
  • Narcotics and drugs of various kinds
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Any kind of Foodstuff
  • Animal skins
  • Stone Statues
  • Pornographic or politically sensitive literature
  • Under no circumstances should alcohol be included in the shipment.