Customs Information

Solomon Islands - All


  • Full and complete packing list
  • Original Bill of Lading or Air Waybill


  • All personal effects are duty free.
  • Video tapes, used or blank, are dutiable.
  • Food, tinned and bottled, is allowed under customs supervision.
To import duty free shipper must have a work permit ( for expatriate) or have resided outside of the Soloman Islands for a minimum 12 months prior to returning to the Soloman Islands and must have owned and used all the personal effects for a minimum 12 months and are all for personal use and not for re-sale.

For any shipper that does not fulfill these criteria the entire shipment will be subject to import duty at varying rates.

Diplomats require duty free certificate issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs whilst UN/NGO/AID employees require duty free certificate issued by their sponsor government department.

All shipments must be ISPM15 compliant. Additional quarantine charges might apply.


  • Photo vehicle
  • Cylinder capacity
  • Date of purchase
  • Value at purchase
  • Duty rates on autos depend on cc and number of years owned. Devaluation is applied on new price less than number of years old.


  • Drugs (all kinds)
  • Firearms
  • Pornographic or violent videos and magazines
  • Plants and seeds
  • Medical samples
  • Currency over USD400