Customs Information

Swaziland - All


  • DA 304, PI 160 and CA 101
  • DA65 or NEP Form (returning citizens)
  • Copy of passport showing the entry permit
  • Temporary / Permanent residence documents
  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Original bill of lading  (OBL) / air waybill (AWB) - no express release accepted
  • Residence permit / work permit
  • CE 101 form


  • As most goods are cleared through customs in the Republic of South Africa (due to Swaziland being land-locked), South African customs formalities are applied and accepted by the Swaziland customs authorities as they share a common customs union agreement.
  • Non-Swaziland residents can only apply for a temporary residence permit, which is valid for between 2-5 years, depending on the length of the contract with their employer in Swaziland, and the discretion of the Swaziland Government.
  • There is no tax on used household goods and 14% charged on new goods.
  • Citizens must have DA65 or NEP forms must complete upon departure from Swaziland for items without serial numbers for re-entry with those items; otherwise, the goods may be detained for proof of local purchase upon re-entry.
  • Original inventory in English dated, valued, and signed by the owner of the goods.
  • To re-enter with items without serial numbers, citizens must have DA65 or NEP forms completed upon departure from Swaziland; otherwise, the goods may be detained for proof of local purchase upon re-entry.


  • Document showing that the vehicle has been in the owner’s use and possession abroad for more than one year before the importation of the vehicle (original purchase invoice, insurance certificate, etc.).
  • If the vehicle has been owned and used by the owner of the goods for more than 12 months, no duties are applicable; if not, then 14% will be levied.
  • Only 1 car per owner of the goods is allowed; additional cars will have duties levied on them.
  • Duty free entry is allowed if: the vehicles (cars, motorcycles, mopeds) will not be sold or otherwise disposed of for two years after the date of importation.

Documents Required:

  • Original Registration Card
  • Original Bill of Lading (OBL) / Air Waybill (AWB)
  • Purchase Invoice
  • DA 304A Form
  • Interpol Clearance
  • Import Certificate


  • Pets must travel as manifested cargo.
  • Documents must accompany pets.
  • Vaccination Record must show pets vaccinated at least 30 days prior to import but not more than 6 months, issued in the country of origin.
  • Veterinary Health Certificate must be signed, stamped, and dated within 5 days of import.

Documents Required:

  • Vaccination Record
  • Veterinary Health Certificate (issued in the country of origin)
  • Transit Permit
  • Import Permit


  • Alcohol (1 bottle and duties of 14%)
  • For firearms and ammunitions, authorization from the Firearms Licensing Board is required.
  • Cosmetic creams (registration with the Ministry of Health is required)
  • The following items may qualify for free import:
    • Cigarettes (400), cigars (50), tobacco (250 g)
    • Perfume (10 fl. oz.)


  • Narcotics and unlawful drugs
  • Pornographic books and magazines
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Radios
  • Certain feathers, furs, skins and tusks of animals coming under the protected species regulations
  • Potassium bromides
  • Local currency