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Household goods and personal effects can be imported into New Caledonia subject to the following requirements:

  • Any item imported from a European Union country that is less than 3 months old or shows no sign of use will be taxed on the CIF value – a value that includes the cost of the goods, the transport costs and also the cost valuation
  • Any item imported from a Non-European Union country that is less than 18 months old or shows no sign of use will be taxed on the CIF value


The following documents are required:

  • Original Inventory/Packing List in French, dated, valued and signed by the customer
  • Original Bill of Lading or Airway Bill – this will be supplied by your moving company
  • Resident permit, working permit, or letter from the employer explaining the customers purpose for residency in New Caledonia
  • Customs Declaration Form (DS). Form is required in triplicate for each household goods shipment and each vehicle/motorcycle. Forms must be completed and signed by the customer and can be obtained from the Destination Agent.
  • Invoices must be provided for all electrical items in the shipment that are less than 3-months old


  • New Caledonia's phytosanitary service will no longer accept vehicle import declarations if they are not accompanied by the cleaning and disinfection certificate
    • If the cleaning certificate is absent, the vehicle will be placed on hold pending the decision of the veterinary, food, and phytosanitary inspection service.
    • In extreme cases, the vehicle may be returned at the expense of the importer, or, destroyed
    • The vehicle may be consigned to a bonded or other area authorized by SIVAP. The hold may not exceed a period of thirty days, beyond which the vehicle will be destroyed. The release of the vehicle can only be finalized after complete re-registration, and issuance of the certificate by the SIVAP
    • All costs relating to the return, destruction or compliance measures, as well as the resulting costs such as parking fees, are the sole responsibility of the importers or their representatives
  • vehicles can be imported duty free if the customer has owned the vehicle for more than 18-months before the shipment departs the country of origin. If the vehicle has been owned for less than 18-months, it will be taxed based upon the CIF value. The following documents are required:
  • Original registration card
  • Original purchase invoice
  • Non-Sale Certificate
  • Customs Form EUR 1 – if the vehicle is being imported from Europe
  • Once imported into New Caledonia, the vehicle cannot be sold for 5-years from the date of import.

Import of pets into New Caledonia is highly regulated and involves quarantine requirements. Please contact our agent in New Caledonia for more information.


The following items are restricted from Import:

  • Firearms are subject to approval and licensing by the following authority: DIRAG, Services des Armes et Munitions, BP C5, 98844 Noumea Cedex


  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Ammunition
  • Pornographic or objectionable materials