Customs Information

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A customs officer will be at residence at time of delivery assessing duties item by item. Customs value is generally lower than what the declared value and it is recommended that the customer is present at the time of clearance to answer the customs officers' questions at time of unloading and assessment.

A Customs Bond (Deposit) of 33.38% value of the shipment is required and usually determined by the insured value of the goods. Should the duty and customs fees be less than the deposit, the difference will be refunded to the customer. Accordingly, if the duties and fees are more than the deposit, the difference will be billed to the customer.

Actual duties and taxes will vary dependent upon the items in the shipment. Indicative duties are as follows:

  • Used clothing and books are duty free
  • Appliances 33.4% of customs value
  • Furniture and sporting goods 22.25% of customs value
  • Antiques 8.5% of customs value
  • Any person may import duty free up to 200 cigarettes and 50 cigars, plus 1.137 liters of spirits and 1.137 liters of wine.


The following documents are required for customs clearance of household goods and personal effects into Bermuda:

  • Inventory
  • Cash value sheet with fair depreciated values for everything on the inventory
  • Signed customs letter
  • Copy of the Standard Work Permit (not Temporary Work Permit) if applying for duty exemption
  • “Certificate of Transfer of Residence Allowance”.  This is mandatory when applying for duty exemption and should be requested upon arrival. HM Customs will only issue this certificate if you are in possession of a Standard Work Permit (or proof of Bermuda Citizenship).
  • Bermuda citizens returning home after living abroad for more than a year can also apply for duty exemption.  Proof of absence is required such as a lease agreement or electricity bill. Such customers are only eligible for this exemption if the goods arrive within 90 days of customer’s arrival back to the island. Exemption is only on items that are over six months old.
  • Items newer than 6-months must be noted as “new” on the Cash Value Sheet with the Retail Value of the goods and any supporting invoice. Full customs duty will apply to these items. A signed CAPS Trader Registration Form is needed to acquire a CAPS number in order for your goods to be duty free


  • No vehicle over six months old is permitted to be imported
  • Motorcycles over 100 cc are prohibited
  • Automobiles are restricted as to size and engine capacity
  • Duty applies
  • License from the Transport Control Department is required


  • The Vaccination Record must show the animal has received at least two rabies vaccinations: the first after the age of 3 months, the second between 6-12 months, and with no significant lapses in vaccinations. The most recent vaccination must be given within 30 days and not more than 1 year prior to arrival.
  • Vaccinations must be given by a licensed veterinarian.
  • The Vaccination Record and Veterinary Health Certificate must be dated and signed by a licensed veterinarian, showing veterinarian name, facility address, and telephone number.
  • The Veterinary Health Certificate must be issued within 10 days of import and must state that animal if free from communicable disease and external parasites; the name, date of birth, breed, description, owner’s name, owner’s name and address, and microchip identification of the pet must also be included.
  • Certain restrictions apply for animals arriving from specific countries; contact agent for complete details.


  • New items subject to duties (invoices required)
  • Cigarettes (200), cigars (50), tobacco (0.5 kg)
  • Spirits and wine (1 L each); amounts above 1 L are charged duties of 25% of the value
  • Fruits, vegetables and soil require an Import Permit and are subject to inspection upon arrival by the Dept. of Agriculture, Fisheries and Parks. Those failing agriculture inspections will be destroyed.


  • Weapons of ALL types, including: flick knives, blowguns, spear guns, crossbows, etc., will be confiscated
  • Narcotic drugs
  • Firearms and ammunition (must be accompanied by a permit signed by the commissioner of police)
  • Explosives (including pyrotechnics of any sort)
  • Gold or silver coins
  • Pornographic material
  • Political literature