Customs Information

Zambia - All


  • Copy of passport certified by Zambia Revenue Authority
  • Residence Visa
  • Work Permit
  • Original letter of employment
  • Letter authorizing Destination Agent to clear shipment
  • Detailed inventory of new items in English, dated, valued, and signed by the owner of the goods (bought less than 6 months prior to shipment arrival) attached to the original invoices
  • Original bill of lading and two copies with price of freight indicated
  • Tax Identification Number 


  • Document for free entry (for diplomats) requires 20 days to be obtained
  • All shipments must arrive within six months of Customer's arrival
  • Owner of the goods should be in the country prior to shipment arrival.
  • Customer is to complete Declaration Form
  • Original documents must arrive before the shipment

Customs inspections have become routine and are often declined at destination. Most inspections take place at the border (for road or sea cargo) and at the airport (for air cargo). Inspections usually result in additional handling.

Customs Interviews
Customs is also demanding interviews with transferees on a more regular basis. These interviews must take place at the customs office of entry of the goods (border for road and sea cargo and airport for air cargo), which often requires the transferee to travel to the customs office.


  • One auto allowed
  • OBL must include chassis number, engine number, color, model, make and weight of the vehicle.
  • The duty rate on new cars is 25% of the invoice value + 16% value added tax.
  • The excise duty is 30%
  • Carbon tax is $30.00
  • In order to avoid any unnecessary delays and charges for demurrage and storage due to lengthy Customs procedures, the agent must receive a copy of the required documentation prior to arrival of the shipment; check with agent for specific timeframes.


  • Original passport of owner of the goods
  • Original registration card
  • OBL / AWB
  • Non-sale certificate
  • Car invoice (must show purchase price and date of purchase)
  • Letter of transfer (from the shipper`s employer)
  • Work permit/ resident/ diplomatic ID
  • JEVIC certificate (if vehicle is coming from Japan, Singapore, South Africa or UK)


  • Permission to import animals is required from the Government Veterinary.
  • Note: The Government Veterinary is the section under the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock in Zambia that examines animals and issues permits to the exporters and importers. 


  • Electrical items, 25% of the invoice value and 16% VAT
  • Computers, 15% of the invoice value and 16% VAT
  • Firearms and ammunition (authorization from the territorial administration is required)
  • Alcohol and spirits should be sent separately from a personal effects shipment and are subject to 100% tax.
  • Endangered species and any products or parts thereof as outlined by the Washington Convention or CITES (authorization from CITES is required).
  • Medication
  • Hunting weapons (authorization from the Ministry of Interior is required)
    • Cigarettes (200), cigars (50), cigarillos (100), tobacco (500 g), alcohol (2.5 L), spirits (2.5 L)


  • Unlawful drugs
  • Narcotics
  • Pornography
  • Counterfeit items
  • Cultural artifacts and other objects of cultural importance
  • Henna
  • Palm trees and any byproducts
  • Explosive materials
  • Left hand motor vehicles prohibited