Customs Information

Argentina - Foreign Citizen


Please note that there is a 100% inspection of household goods by customs authorities. Foreign citizens must import household goods and personal effects under “temporary admission” to avoid duties and taxes. A “guaranteed bond” is required for the duration of the Temporary Residence Visa. The Bond is for the HHGS while the Visa is for the shipper. If the Visa is not renewed prior to the expiration of the bond, the household goods must be re-exported. The guaranteed bond is required for all shipments arriving by land, sea or airfreight.

Three signatures are required on the Bond:

  • The Shipper
  • The Customs Officer
  • The Employer acting as the guarantor

In order for the employer to act as a guarantor, they must be registered by Customs as an import/exporter. If they are not, there are two additional options:

  • Pay duties and taxes at 50% of the value as determined by Customs
  • Hire a 3rd party insurance company as guarantor

The following conditions also apply:

  • Upon arrival at the international airport, customers must declare that they expect an unaccompanied shipment and this declaration must be noted by customs officials on their passport (“Manifesta esperar equipaje no acompanado”)
  • Customers must be in the country at the time of clearance to sign and certify papers and provide their original passport.
  • Household goods and personal effects must arrive within 6-months of owner’s entry into the country.
  • The origin of the move must be the last place of residence of the owner.
  • Foreigners with a temporary resident visa must pay taxes and duties for the importation of household goods and personal effects of approximately 50% of the freight on board (FOB) value or bring them into the country under temporary admission, as follows:
    • The items must be guaranteed (bonded) for the duration of the visa or a period determined by Customs when the shipment is released;
    • The Bond must be renewed before the expiration date.
  • Exporting our to Argentina: Argentine customs authorities have implemented a new measure involving all passengers leaving Argentina holding a temporary work visa at destination. As a result, export duties of 12% of the value (calculated based on approx. USD $4/5 per net Kg) will apply. 


The following documents are required for customs clearance of household goods and personal effects into Argentina:

  • A certified copy will be accepted. Must be certified by a notary and legalized by the Colegio de Escribanos (Notary’s Association).  
  • Temporary Residence Visa (“Residencia Precaria”) valid for a minimum of one year or a Permanent Residence Visa.
  • Notarized authorization to the Destination Agent written by the owner to perform customs clearance.
  • Bill of lading (OBL) / air waybill (AWB)
  • Clave Unica de Identification Laboral  (CUIL) certificate / Clave Unica de Identificacion Tributaria (CUIT) certificate (Argentine and foreign citizens with a permanent visa)
  • Packing list (including a full list of any works of art)
  • Temporary Admission Form (1860)
  • Full contact details (phone, e-mail, and address of delivery)
  • Migration certificate (must indicate the entries and departures of the owner of the goods for the previous 2 years – sea / truck shipments only)
  • Caution policy issued by a local insurance company for air shipments (foreigners holding a temporary visa)
  • The residence certificate must be issued by the Argentine Consulate in the origin country and state the time lived abroad; if the owner of the goods has lived in multiple countries during the previous 2 years, certificates are required from each country.
  • Temporary permit
  • Shipments of foreigners holding a tourist visa cannot be imported.


The following rules apply to the import of motor vehicles into Argentina:

  • Vehicles must be used with all documents relating to sale and ownership under the owners name for a minimum of 3-months before shipping. Other motorized items (lawn mower etc.) cannot be imported.
  • Vehicles may be imported duty free on a temporary basis by foreign citizens holding a temporary visa for the same period that the owner has the visa. Vehicles must have the original plates.
  • Temporary admission forms, completed and signed by owner of the goods (foreigners holding temporary visa)
  • Vehicles must enter within 6-months of the owners arrival
  • Foreigners with permanent resident status may import used vehicles only, under the same rules that apply to returning Argentine citizens.
  • Foreigners with a temporary visa may import used vehicles under temporary admission and will not be charged duties and taxes.
    • Vehicles are only allowed temporary admission for the duration of the visa and can be renewed upon renewal of the visa.
    • Vehicles must be removed from Argentina prior to the expiration of the visa.
    • The following documents are required:
      • Owners original passport
      • 2 original copies of the Bill of Lading
      • Original title in the owner’s name
      • Original invoice certified by the Argentine Consulate in the origin country
      • Residence Certificate (for returning Argentine citizens)

    • 1 Refrigerator & 1 washer/dryer per household
    • 1 TV per family member + 1 TV per room (family, living, play). Model # & Serial #’s needed for all.


    • Current original anti-rabies vaccination
    • Certificate of health issued at origin and stamped by the Argentine consulate within 10 days of pet arriving into the country.
    • Original AWB issued in the name of the owner of the pet
    • Pets arriving from Asia (except Japan) or Africa must obtain a special permit.


    • Archeological or paleontological patrimony (fossils, human, remains, collections and sediment geological, etc.) Once admitted to the country, its export will not be permitted.
    • Works of art and monuments of recent antiquity (authorization is required)
    • Wood or items must be treated specifically for pests
    • Weapons (must be declared and authorized by the Registro  Nacional de Armas (RENAR)
    • Alcoholic beverages (30 liters)
    • Items considered commercial (determined through quantity, quality or type)
    • Original paintings and works of art (specialized form is required; check with agent)


    • Items compromising public, animal, and agricultural health
    • Organic products (soil, firewood, wood, animal parts, dried insects, etc.)
    • Narcotics or illegal drugs
    • Pornographic material of any kind
    • Dangerous, toxic or flammable items
    • Stolen or smuggled items
    • Currency (actual or counterfeit)
    • Food
    • Spare parts or parts of any vehicle
    • Items which contain an internal – combustion or outboard engines
    • Items that are not considered as part of a move for Argentine Customs