Customs Information

Albania - All


  • Passport (notarized photocopy)
  • Pro Forma Invoice
  • Weight of the goods
  • Inventory List
  • Comprehensive Valued Inventory – in Albanian: list items by categories, dated & signed by owner
  • CMR
  • Company details in Albania (company extract from the National Business Center or others)
  • Copy of the VAT (NIPT in Albania) from the company customer works for
  •  Residence permit (notarized copy)
  • Work Permit (notarized copy)
  • Letter from Employer – addressed to Customs Committee attesting to client’s employment contract that will be valid for at least 1 year and/or the Employment Contract in Albanian language.
  • Rent contract of the apt/home in Tirana (notarized copy);
  • Power of Attorney – giving authority to our Agent to arrange customs clearance.
  • Letter of Authorization – to apply for duty free status; approved by General Director of Customs; our Agent can assist with preparing the letter.


  • The client must be in the country at the time of Customs clearance with the proper visa and residence permit.
  • Used household goods and personal effects can be duty free with proper authorization letter.
  • Items must have been owned and used by the customer for a minimum of six months and customer has lived abroad for at least one year.
  • All new items will be levied a tax in accordance with their origin.
  • The goods must be imported within six months of arrival. Items cannot be sold, lent or otherwise disposed of during stay.
  • Valued inventory list for items being imported should be descriptive: “double bed set, wardrobe, dining table with six chairs and etc.”. Home electronic appliances should be very clearly mentioned along with their serial numbers.
  • Foreigners (other than diplomats) importing household goods into Albania are not exempted from duties and taxes by default, even upon submission of the above documents the customs might decide not to apply the exemption, in which case they need to pay all duties, taxes and VAT for their goods, and only after receipt of payment the load can be custom cleared. The clearance process takes two or more days.
  • The customs charges vary in accordance with the classification of goods imported and their country of origin. In a general note the following are the customs charges:
    • Customs cost (import tax) : weight of the shipment x € 0,65
    • Tax (GST/VAT) : 38% of the amount on the proforma invoice


Documents Required:

  •  Certificate of origin
  • Notarized Copy of passport with the possibility that the original must be shown
  • Notarized Copy or owner’s driver’s license
  • Car registration
  • Power of attorney for our Agent to handle the customs clearance
  • Proof of insurance
  • Note from hosting company that the shipper will be working in Albania for certain period
  • Copy of registration documents of the hosting company (NIPT)
Specific Information:
  • The clearance process takes three or more days. Every individual will have to pay duties, taxes and registration fees when importing a vehicle to Albania Only diplomats are exempt from paying duties and taxes


    Documents Required:
    •  Certificate of Vaccination – including rabies, less than 6 months prior to arrival
    • Health Certificate - by a Veterinarian at origin


  • New furniture (less than six months old) and office furniture
  • Foodstuffs (in large quantities)
  • Only one of each appliance duty-free
  • Liquor
  • Appliances and electronics (one item each permitted duty free); invoices and receipts stating make, model and serial numbers are required on the detailed Inventory.


  • Ammunitions and all other weapons unless otherwise approved (firearms & ammunition permit from local Albanian Police Department)
  • Pornography and subversive material
  • Narcotics/illegal drugs of any kind
  • Toxic material materials & products
  • Radioactive material materials & products
  • Meat products
  • Spirits: 1 liter of spirits or 2 liter of wine
  • Perfume (50 g)
  • Tobacco: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grammes of tobacco
  •  Appliances/Electronics – must have receipts; state make, model & serial number
  •  Prescription medications – require a health certificate
  •  New items – (used for less than 6 months) must have invoices/receipts and shall be declared separately so import duties can be applied.